About Us

Our research group primarily works on the computational and theoretical study of fluid dynamics in areas including turbulence, boundary layers, free-surface flows, water waves, multiphase flows, and fluid-structure interactions. Our research is supported by federal and state agencies and industry. The projects originate from a wide range of applications, including mechanical engineering, environmental fluid mechanics, geophysical fluid dynamics, renewable energy, and biofluids; however, basic research aiming at the fundamental mechanisms in fluid dynamics is always a major theme of our studies.

Fundamental Fluid Dynamics is a main focus of our research, covering the following areas:

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a major research tool in our group. Using direct numerical simulation (DNS) and large-eddy simulation (LES) for turbulent flows, together with inviscid-flow-based simulation for water waves, we have developed a suite of advanced simulation codes in house, including:

We have also made exciting progresses in emerging areas, such as using machine learning for fluid mechanics and exploring quantum computing for CFD.

Our studies have a broad spectrum of applications:

More details of our studies in each area can be found by following the links above.