Hydropower is one of the oldest renewal energy source humankind has been using for electricity generation and until 2019, it was the largest source of the total annual U.S. renewal electricity generation. Although hydropower is a reliable source of the renewal energy, they can impact the environment and ecosystems.  In our research group, we work on re-imagining the design of hydro-turbines and hydro-pumps to make them environment-friendly by protecting bank from erosion, facilitating sediment passage, and making them fish-friendly yet efficient. We carry out numerical simulations and work in collaboration with experimentalists.  We were recently awarded a patent (US Patent No. 10502178: Michele Guala, Jeffrey Marr, Lian Shen) for a vertical-axis hydro-power system in collaboration with our colleagues at St. Anthony Falls Laboratory. The following are two examples of hydro-turbine simulations carried out in our group.  The first example is a drag-type vertical axis hydrokinetic turbine in an open channel flows.  The second example is simulation of a hydro-pump and its interaction with fish.

Video file
Fish-friendly turbine


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